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7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

7 Chakra Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

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The Chakra Healing Bracelet was created with the intentions of cleansing your 7 chakras while balancing and aligning each chakra. Chakra Bracelets can help the wearer feel mentally and physically restored.These individual chakra stones represent one of the seven chakras and targets the chakra you want to heal.

Blocked chakras can lead to illness, so it is vital to align
each chakra and balancing our chakras to create an optimal life.

  • Made from genuine lava stone.
  • Lava beads provide stability in times of change.
  • Premium durable elastic bands

A Short Guide to the 7 Chakras

1. Root Chakra (also known as Base Chakra)

Colour Association: Red
Location: Base of the spine
Associations: Survival, standing up for yourself, financial independence, security
Imbalances: Fatigue, low back pain, depression, cold hands and feet
Healing: Exercise and restful sleep, red food and drink, red gemstones and clothing, red essential oils (ylang ylang or sandalwood)

2. Sacral Chakra (also known as Spleen Chakra)

Colour Association: Orange
Location: Lower abdomen below navel
Associations: Feelings, ability to be social, pleasure, sexuality, well-being
Imbalances: Alcohol and drug abuse, depression, allergies, yeast infections, urinary problems, sexual problems
Healing: Massage, orange food and drink, orange gemstones & clothing, red essential oils

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour Association: Yellow
Location: Upper abdomen, stomach area
Associations: Personal power, self-confidence, self-control, humor, intellect
Imbalances: Digestive problems, diabetes, constipation, memory loss
Healing: Learning, doing puzzles, detoxing, yellow food and drink, yellow gemstones and clothing, yellow essential oils (lemon)

4. Heart Chakra

Colour Association: Green
Location: Center of the chest, above the heart
Associations: Ability to love, joy, inner peace
Imbalances: Heart and breathing issues, breast cancer, high blood pressure, muscle tension
Healing: Family time, spending time with nature, green food and drink, green gemstones & clothing, green essential oils (pine or eucalyptus)

5. Throat Chakra

Colour Association: Blue
Location: Throat
Associations: Communication, relationships, trust, loyalty
Imbalances: Thyroid problems, hormonal issues, fever, menopause, mood swings
Healing: Singing, conversations, collecting, blue food and drink, blue gemstones and clothing, blue essential oils (chamomile)

6. Third Eye Chakra (also known as Brow Chakra)

Colour Association: Indigo
Location: Forehead, between the eyes
Associations: Intuition, imagination, ability to make decisions, psychic abilities
Imbalances: Learning disabilities, sleeping disorders, imbalance
Healing: Watch the stars, meditation, indigo food and drink, indigo gemstones and clothing, indigo essential oils (patchouli)

7. Crown Chakra

Colour Association: Violet
Location: Top of the head
Associations: Ability to connect spiritually, knowingness, spirituality, connection to God
Imbalances: Headaches, mental illness, senility, lack of coordination, rashes
Healing: Focus on dreams, writing down inventions, violet food and drink, violet gemstones and clothing, violet essential oils (lavender)

Why Lava Stone?

Lava stone itself has been used for centuries in healing – it literally comes from the core of the Earth, made from basalt, a type of igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions.  Energetically, it poses as constant reminder of one’s commitment to well-being and one-ness with the Earth.  Spiritually, wearing lava stone proves grounding, aiding the wearer to remain calm and humble.  In folk remedies, it was given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle. 

Because it comes from raw energy, lava stone is a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.  Lava stone can help dispel anger and negativity, cement our beliefs, and provide guidance, clarity, increased energy, and hope in difficult times. These qualities make them exceptionally beneficial for those suffering from depression or other mental health challenges.

How To Use:

The porous lava beads have many holes and bubbles, which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear.  When infused with essential oils, they warm to your skin, and bring powerful and positive healing energy into your day.

Simply add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oils and rub into the lava beads themselves. The beads will absorb the oil, then release aroma and healing benefits over several hours while also absorbing into your skin.  If desired, you can dilute the essential oils with carrier oil prior to applying.

Lava stone (like most healing gemstones) is recommended to be worn in close contact with the skin, if not directly on the skin. This is because the barrier for absorption is not blocked by anything.

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